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Annual Meeting

By Grace Bible Admin in Grace Bible Church of Bend 10 months ago | 1690 views
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We hope you can join us for our Annual Meeting on Tuesday, January 23rd from 5:30-8:00 pm in the Worship Center. We’ll have a potluck dinner together from 5:30-6:30, with a meeting following from 6:30-8:00 pm. Childcare up to age 8 will be available for the meeting portion of the evening. 

Please bring a main dish that would be enough to feed your family, as well as one of the following:

  • Last names beginning with A-K: salad
  • Last names beginning with L-P: dessert
  • Last names beginning with Q-Z: side dish

Our Annual Meeting is an important time to look back at God’s work in 2017, and look forward to where he’s leading us in 2018. Please plan to be there if you can, and RSVP to help us as we make arrangements. If you will need childcare, please comment below with the number and ages of those children. We’re looking forward to having this time together! 

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Discussion about this event

Tricia Stutheit on 01/08/2018

Tom Stutheit 

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-——- Original message -——-

Calvin Hemphill on 01/08/2018

Childcare for Clara (toddler)

Ashlee Reznicsek on 01/08/2018

If I can get the night off, will be there and will need childcare for Tyson, 5

Megan Bean on 01/08/2018

Childcare for 3 please. ages 2,5,7

Jen Lyman on 01/08/2018

Childcare for Hunter (5) and Rylie (3) please!

Megan Lapp on 01/08/2018

Childcare for ages 3 and 1 thanks!

LaDessa McFadyen on 01/09/2018

Childcare for 3 kiddos.  Abbie (7), Luke (5), Sam(1)

Julie Chambers on 01/10/2018

Childcare for 2, ages 6 & 8. Thank you!

Penny Johnson on 01/10/2018

Yes for Jim & Penny
Btw, we both have the flu. Pls pray for us, thank you.

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Sam DeLay on 01/14/2018

Childcare for 7, 6, 3 year olds please.

Jodi Nelson on 01/14/2018

We’ll be there. Childcare for a 1.5year old please.

Grace Bible Admin on 01/15/2018

Please let us know if you can make it to the Annual Meeting, and also if you will be needing childcare. Thank you!

Devan Larsen on 01/18/2018

Brandon and myself will be there!

Karen Cates on 01/19/2018

I’m planning on being there.

Rebecca Hermeling on 01/19/2018

Childcare for Lincoln (10 months)

Jon McFadyen on 01/20/2018

Childcare for 1 yr, 5 yr, 7 yr

Andy Reece on 01/21/2018

Childcare needed for 9 year old, 6 year old, and 2 year old

Jen VanCamp on 01/22/2018

Childcare for 2 please, ages 2 and 5. Thanks!

Callie Kackley on 01/22/2018

Will need childcare for 3 kids, ages 4, 6, 8 please! thank you!

Karen Cates on 01/22/2018

I’m sorry, but I have to cancel.

John McKay on 01/22/2018

Childcare for 3 kids, 7, 6, 2!

Kelly Johnson on 01/22/2018

Childcare for 6 and 8. My 11 and 12 year olds are happy to help watch kids!

Kami Tuttle on 01/22/2018

Childcare for 6,3 and 1 year olds.

Holly Wilson on 01/23/2018

Scott & Holly will be there!

Karen Cates on 01/23/2018

I plan to be there after all!

Amy Smith on 01/23/2018

Childcare for 3 and 5 yr old

Emily McMillian on 01/23/2018

Childcare for a 6 And 2 year old

January 23
5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
63945 Old Bend Redmond Hwy
Bend Or 97701
Map It

138 people
are coming
Angie Denham (8)

Emily McMillian (5)

Amy Smith (6)

Dottie Brown (2)

Sue Lemke (2)

Josh Morneau (2)

Holly Wilson (2)

Kelly Johnson (6)

Kelsey Carey (1)

Todd Thielen (2)

Travis Tuttle (5)

Terry Zink (2)

Rachel Greenlee (2)

Sarah Larson (1)

Jim Johnson (2)


Austin Farley (2)

Lisa Hackbarth (1)

John McKay (5)

Trevor Lawson (2)

Neal Hackbarth (2)

Callie Kackley (4)

Debi Rushing (2)

Jen VanCamp (4)

Katie Waldroop (1)

Andy Reece (5)

Charles Box (2)

Kristi Wheaton (1)

Jon McFadyen (5)

Janet Fay (2)

Isaac Burnson (2)

Holly Wilson (FB) (2)

Amy Loomis (2)

Janae Cruikshank (6)

Amy Stafford (2)

Malissa Prevish (2)

Sam DeLay (5)

Michael Nyberg (2)

Tracy Paul (2)

Penny Johnson (1)

LaDessa McFadyen (5)

Pastor Phil Kooistra (2)

Randy Griffith (2)

Jen Lyman (4)

Megan Bean (5)

Jill Jarufe (2)

Calvin Hemphill (3)

Tricia Stutheit (1)

Stephanie Howrey (1)

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